Jorge Blanco

Collaboration Guide

“I’m Jorge Blanco, an IT Professional with extensive experience leading Business and Digital Transformations through collaboration.”

Over the years, I have held various management and senior management roles in multinational companies in Mexico. My focus has always been on business-driven technology implementations; I am also a professor of graduate and undergraduate education. I regularly instruct and lecture for professional training programs on central IT frameworks, knowledge management, and strategic innovation.
Throughout my career, I’ve navigated an exciting journey within multinational corporations in Mexico, spanning diverse management and leadership positions. My unwavering emphasis has consistently revolved around the fusion of business and technology, fostering a profound sense of collaboration awareness. As a dedicated educator, I have had the privilege of instructing graduate and undergraduate students and professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in IT frameworks, knowledge management, and strategic innovation. I firmly advocate for the power of collective intelligence as the cornerstone for nurturing high-performing teams and organizations. In my current roles, I serve as the Chief Reinvention Officer at Glumin Networks, where the collaboration journey reaches new heights, and as the Collaboration Guide at Intelligence Catalyst, where collaboration awareness takes center stage.