Lead The Flow

Intelligence Catalyst is a leading provider of transformational business consulting and experiential learning services.

Who We Are.

We are the Intelligence Catalysts – we take our collective intelligence and over 30 industry leading frameworks and methodologies to light the way for leaders and organizations through their journey of transformation to help organizations amplify innovation while enabling stabilization and growth.

What We Do.

If you’re struggling with business transformation, or your internal culture is resistant and outside forces are disrupting your success, Intelligence Catalyst is here to help. Our focus is on flowing value to your customers, and we have a simple formula for success. Transforming business through experiential learning and embedded coaching. We’ve helped over 50 companies successfully transform, and we can help you too.

Our Lead the Flow program is designed to help you succeed. We’ll work with you in real time to solve your real problems and help you transform your business. Unlike traditional consultants or trainers, we won’t stand outside the flow – You hire us, and we jump in the water with you, and guide you along the way.

Using your real time challenges or impediments as the lesson, and directing you around the obstacles in your path, creating better flow. Whether you’re facing rapids with resistance, adapting to change, or struggling to overcome internal culture issues, Catalyst Group is there every step of the way.

Our Approach

Our consultative training is a unique and effective approach to team development that helps organizations grow and improve their skills. Our experienced guides work with you across myriad frameworks and techniques. From Innovation, Transformation, and DevOps, to Program Management, Leadership, Communication, and Systems Design—we provide real world lessons in real time to help you and your team learn and grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations achieve their goals faster by delivering lasting change through our unique embedded coaching and teaching approach. We help you tap into your own intrinsic value and connect to the larger ecosystem. Our guidance won’t just help you unlock your potential, but will empower you! Our team of experts will help you slipstream into the flow of the environment around you—the conversations, Focused Points of Learning (FoPLs), collaborations, customer needs, challenges, risks, positive events, moments of inspiration—resulting in how to best flow value to your customer.

We know that 73% of businesses fail to adopt an Agile or DevOps environment successfully. But we also know that with the right balance of experiential learning and embedded real-time coaching, you can be part of the successful few.

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