Accelerating Intelligent Change Journeys

Change is complex. expensive. hard.
We guide leaders through it.

In the whirlwind of organizational change—be it mergers, reorganizations, executive transitions or business disruptions—navigating new realities demands more than just strategy. It requires a deep understanding and intelligent approach to the human dimensions of change. At Intelligence Catalyst, we specialize in guiding strategically valuable individuals through their most challenging transitions, ensuring they stay ‘in the flow’ of leadership and innovation.

How We Help You.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are encountering unprecedented levels of change, disruption, and disorientation. The pressures on leaders to steer their teams through these challenging circumstances are immense, requiring not just strategic foresight but a deep understanding of the human elements of change. At Intelligence Catalyst, we recognize the complexities that you and your organization face. With our expertise in leadership coaching and training, we are committed to guiding you towards successful outcomes.

Here are some examples of situations where customers call us for help:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Tailored coaching to integrate teams and align new leadership towards a unified vision.
  • New CxO: Smooth transitions for new executives, ensuring they bring teams along and integrate successfully with minimal disruption.


  • Business Disruption: Strategies to maintain leadership effectiveness and team cohesion amidst market and internal disruptions.


  • Communication Breakdowns: Tools and techniques to enhance clarity, improve outcomes, and rebuild trust within teams.


  • Change/Dilemma Management: Navigating dilemmas with a focus on maintaining balance and making informed decisions.

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Accelerate your transformation with Intelligence Catalyst, where we empower leaders to navigate through change with grace and innovation. Our unique approach integrates real-time learning into daily challenges, ensuring immediate relevance and impactful results. Let us guide you towards success as you lead the flow in your organization’s evolution.

Why YOU Need Us.

You are a leader in your company and are experiencing some organizational changes or transformation efforts.  You are interested in learning more about how to grow and evolve in your leadership style to be more successful in your career. You want to explore new leadership and communication methods to increase your effectiveness as a leader in your company.

Navigating the path to becoming a better, more thoughtful, leader requires an understanding and awareness of how individuals grow and evolve, how everyday transactions can morph into significant transformations, and how mindset, intent, and an informed heartfelt approach can drive organization value.

"LEAD by making a DENT. LISTEN, be BOLD, and INNOVATE while being CANDID with yourself, your team mates, and your organization"

Who We Are.

We are the Intelligence Catalysts – we take our collective intelligence and over 30 industry leading frameworks and methodologies to light the way for leaders and organizations through their journey of transformation to help organizations amplify innovation while enabling stabilization and growth.

How We Are Different.

Unlike traditional models that pull leaders out of their work environment for training, our ‘in the flow’ model integrates real-time, situational learning directly within your daily challenges. This approach not only enhances learning outcomes but also ensures immediate applicability and relevance.

What We Do.

If you’re struggling with business transformation, or your internal culture is resistant and outside forces are disrupting your success, Intelligence Catalyst is here to help. Our focus is on flowing value to your customers, and we have a simple formula for success. Transforming business through experiential learning and embedded coaching. We’ve helped over 50 companies successfully transform, and we can help you too.

Our Lead the Flow program is designed to help you succeed. We’ll work with you in real time to solve your real problems and help you transform your business. Unlike traditional consultants or trainers, we won’t stand outside the flow – You hire us, and we jump in the water with you, and guide you along the way.

Using your real time challenges or impediments as the lesson, and directing you around the obstacles in your path, creating better flow. Whether you’re facing rapids with resistance, adapting to change, or struggling to overcome internal culture issues, Catalyst Group is there every step of the way.

Our Approach

Our consultative training is a unique and effective approach to team development that helps organizations grow and improve their skills. Our experienced guides work with you across myriad frameworks and techniques. From Innovation, Transformation, Leadership, Communication, to Program Management and Change Management—we provide real-world lessons in real time to help you and your team learn and grow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations achieve their goals faster by delivering lasting change through our unique embedded coaching and teaching approach. We help you tap into your own intrinsic value and connect to the larger ecosystem. Our guidance won’t just help you unlock your potential, but will empower you! Our team of experts will help you slipstream into the flow of the environment around you—the conversations, Focused Points of Learning (FoPLs), collaborations, customer needs, challenges, risks, positive events, moments of inspiration—resulting in how to best flow value to your customer.

We know that 73% of businesses fail to adopt an Agile or DevOps environment successfully. But we also know that with the right balance of experiential learning and embedded real-time coaching, you can be part of the successful few.

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