How It Works

Is Your Organization Facing Rapids or Resistance?

It doesn’t have to be that way

We start off each project through a series of questions tailored directly to you and your situation. Our team works within your existing organizational structure, eliminating any unnecessary disruption and proactively solving current problems on-the-fly. Through experiential learning and embedded coaching techniques, we make sure that our strategies align perfectly with your unique needs.

Our approach is simple. You contact us during your leadership or transformation time of need. We provide on demand, real time help focused on what you need when you need it. Unlike traditional training or consulting organizations, we are with you only when you need us. We understand the transformation journey is YOURS, not ours, and our job is to illuminate the path for YOUR journey, while providing a safety net in case something unexpected or unforeseen occurs.

Here’s how it works:

Consultative Training

Is disruptively different from both corporate consulting, coaching, and traditional learning/training, blending all modalities together as an embedded trainer for an immersive experience.

Experiential Learning

Is where we work with you in your real-world environment using your real-world situation as the place of learning, let the training come to you.

Collective Intelligence

Is the byproduct or result of our helping organizations amplify innovation while enabling stabilization and growth.

Our Journey

The Intelligence Catalyst guides met one another primarily through providing training, advice, and counsel to various organizations. From those early conversations, there was a common perspective that:

Both personal and organizational transformations are inevitable. Everyone and every organization is going to have to transform due to technology driving disruption.

Traditional training, or training as we have known it, does not provide what is needed within the time it is needed, and is not what our customers wanted or desired.

We believed there had to be a better way. Through collaboration with key team members, we have expanded upon our initial ideas around what we created called “Consultative Training”, the combining of training and consulting together as one.

Today, we engage our customers with “Experiential Learning” where we work with you in real time, in your real world environment using your real world situation as the place of learning, focused on what you need at that point in time. The product of your success is what we call “Collective Intelligence.” Collective Intelligence is the result of our helping you and your organization amplify innovation while enabling stabilization and growth based on how you and your organization flow value to your customer.

With over a decade of experience working together with some of the world’s leading individuals, businesses, and organizations, we know what it takes to help you lead your team through successful transformations. Contact us today to learn more about how our Guides can help you flow value to your customer.

With Intelligence Catalyst as part of your team, you can find the clear path towards successful transformation.