Why Do Companies Need Intelligence Catalyst To Lead The Flow?

Many of our clients find us when they are struggling with a business transformation or organizational change: when they have failed to successful adopt an Agile or DevOps environment, when they are struggling to get executive support or buy-in, and where they want to eliminate hierarchical thinking to establish DevOps culture.

It all starts with a call for help focused on what they need at that point in time… focusing on the single topic of what is needed at that time to take the next step forward until another problem/challenge/issue arises.

Some of our customers think of us as their trusted CXO Advisor, valued voice, and guide/mentor/coach for incumbent executives and their teams. Some of our customers say that we prepare them for next generation processes and workplace challenges including:

Policy / Process Development

Vision Forming


Enterprise Architecture

Validation Of Technology Vision / Direction

Understanding "What & "How" To Flow Value To Your Customer

Value Streams & Value Stream Mapping

Talent Attraction, Retention & Succession Planing

Our Proven Formula

Our formula is very simple:

  1. The focus is all about flowing value to your customer
  2. The required progression you must follow to grow, evolve, and transform is as follows: culture, mindset, people, process (flow) and tools (in this specific order).

From these two ways of thinking, or two steps, or two constructs, we help you understand, recognize, formulate your vision, and then help you implement that vision.  We are helping to author standards, tech certifications/credentials, and are knowledgeable in a variety of modalities, frameworks, methods, processes, metrics…etc.  We bring our experience of growing leaders and transforming organizations for many decades to you, to collaborate with you, to provide you what you need so that you can continue on your journey.