Communication Breakdown

Problem Statement

Misunderstandings and lack of clear communication can lead to decreased morale and productivity.


Train leaders in advanced communication techniques that enhance clarity and understanding across all levels of the organization. Our coaching helps leaders to establish open lines of communication that encourage feedback and collaborative problem-solving.

A Leadership Story

Translating between business & hands-on efforts

Intelligence Catalyst was at the client’s site and asked the question; “How is this team’s amazing effort to satisfy the customer’s need being reported to executives?”  The silence was defining… we realized that not only was there a disconnect with key information not being reported, there was a big issue in that the language being used by the business leaders was different than hands on resources.  The result was a language barrier.  The need was to work with both the executives and hands on resources to create a translation mechanism, for how both parties can communicate to one another.

My people are not listening to me

Intelligence Catalyst received a call from a highly agitated and frustrated leader, stating his team was not listening or paying attention to what they were asking or wanting the team to do.  We asked the leader; “What and how did you communicate your ask or set expectations of your team?”  After listening to the leader’s response, we asked the leader; “Did you clearly or explicitly state what you expected?  For example, if you expected work to be done by a certain date or within a time frame, did you clearly state that?”   

These are just a few of the many experiences Intelligence Catalyst has had with leaders, teams, and organizations to understand, improve, and remediate (fix) communication issues.  With our real-time immersive experiential approach, we use your real world situation as the classroom and learning topic so that you can experience for yourself, first hand, the ability to grow and improve effective communication skills.  The metric for success can be as simple as the employee successfully paraphrasing back expectations and a due date for an effort.

Historically communication has been one of the leading issues or reasons for failure.  Intelligence Catalyst believes it does not have to be this way.  Through our techniques and approaches, we believe we can help you to improve you, your team’s, your organization’s communication skills.  Please give us a call referencing our contact information below.   We look forward to the opportunity to hear and help you with your communication needs.