Business Disruption

Problem Statement

Rapid technological changes, market dynamics, or unexpected crises can disrupt business operations and strategic goals.


Equip leaders with the skills to lead through disruption by fostering resilience, encouraging innovation, and maintaining focus on long-term objectives despite short-term upheavals. We guide leaders in transforming disruptions into opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

A Leadership Story

Global Leader Disruption

The customer calls in for help and the director level leader listening to the customer realizes they have missed a critical customer need.  After the call, the director understands that responding to the customer’s need is going to disrupt the business, but it has to be done.  At risk is the title “global leader.”  

This reminds me of my mentor’s teaching; “Bigger the chaos, bigger the opportunity.”  The amount of chaos which is about to be unleashed is gargantuan, along with the opportunity to exponential maintain a lead on the competition.  The only  thing left to do is to do “it”… but what is “it” and was is involved in “do it”?

Shortly after the director’s call with the customer, Intelligence Catalyst team members received the call for help.  The challenges the director  was facing were many, with some appearing to be monumental.  For example, the long term product strategy recently agreed upon to support global business initiatives would now have to be updated.  It took several months to get the stakeholders in agreement and approve the strategy.  The recent reallocation of resources to enable scrum teams will have to be changed to provide required skills and experience.  The marketing and messaging of the product will need to be updated.  Providing this new key capability will significantly separate ourselves from competitors, and needs to be shouted out to customers and the industry.  Knowing the history and struggles of communication between the executive and the hands on working level, the director was wondering how in the world to handle this type of business disruption.

Intelligence Catalyst was able to provide the organization and its leaders what it needed, where and when it needed, working with the director, key stakeholders, C level executives to hands-on resources.  The result was the organization’s learning and growing its ability to take advantage of this disruption, turning it into an opportunity to grow and extend its competitive advantage.  As for the people involved, they were recognized for their ability to lead and manage disruption with several people receiving promotions.  Several people were then reassigned to one of the more business critical and high-visibility efforts at a global level.  The goal is to have the people repeat their success, train their team mates, and help progress the organization’s transformation.  

When it comes to helping you, your team, and organization, understand and positively move forward leveraging disruption, you will be hard pressed to find an organization equivalent to Intelligence Catalyst.  Our real time, immersive, experiential approach provides you what others cannot… a way to understand, learn, and grow your disruption handing abilities.  Please reach out and contact us at the information below to have the conversation on how we can help you with your disruption.  Looking forward to the conversation.