The days of being a Transformation Leader combined with being the lead change agent are coming to a close. With the break down — or evolution — which some people are calling the collapse of transactional-based systems or traditional ways of thinking and doing, today’s Transformational Leaders now must add the role and responsibility of “Lead well-being agent” to their job description.

With all the disruption, dysfunction, chaos, and havoc encountered as individuals, teams, organizations transform, the Transformation Leader leading the change is positioned best to realize, witness, and experience the impact of the transformation on the people whose world is evolving.  From this lens or perspective, the Transformation Leader can pull in the well-being resources to help the people or provide people the information of where to go for well-being help.

What do we mean by well-being?  There are many names or terms used as industry works to figure out an appropriate description for helping people, teams, and organizations to communicate, to have the conversation regarding their feelings, infuse their empathy, and leverage their soft skills in motion when working with transforming individuals and organizations.  Some of today’s top word searches/trends in the United States are “Well-Being” or “Domains of wellness”, which is emerging from the term wellness. An up-and-coming word which our Liberty Oaks partner is not so much new, as it is re-emerging: Transcendence.  From Intelligence Catalyst’s partners In Europe, the emerging trend is the word Mindfulness.

So why the difficulty or challenge in figuring out “the word?”

Because we are talking about the fusion of energy into or physical transactional-based, traditional, third dimension way of thinking and doing. Today is it sociably unacceptable, or minimally — awkward, to talk or use the word energy.

Taking a step back and looking at our role as that Transformation Leader or officer in today’s world, part of the evolution or transformation each individual, team, and organization has to experience is; “How to transition to thinking and doing at a higher level of consciousness and intelligence?”  This is also referred to as the fifth dimension.

In Intelligence Catalyst’s previous article titled “CEO = Chief Energy Officer = Data + Knowledge + Insight + Wisdom = Intelligence (Are you ready for the Intelligence Disruption?)” we introduced and touched upon the word energy and the recent findings in Quantum Science.

Intelligence Catalyst is involved or leading several behind the scenes, global leading, and nation leading initiatives and projects.  Representatives are located in the United States and Europe.  These efforts are bringing together resources from the fields of Agile and DevOps Adoptions, Digital Transformations, Neuroscience, Learning Intelligence, and Energy communities, in an effort to discover, experiment, create, define, standardize, and bring into the common day world, the ability to have a conversation which includes energy. Today, when most people think of energy, their thoughts tend to go towards religion, spirituality, or other similar topics.

However, with energy breakthrough’s occurring within recent years or months, one of the challenges we face as Transformation Leaders and Officers is how to prepare, accommodate, and be ready to help people, teams, and organizations, understand that a key factor for their transformation going forward will be having to deal with energy.

The reason this is so important is our technology breakthroughs, combined with people’s evolving to a higher level of consciousness and intelligence, inspire an energy conversation that comes into play and can no longer be ignored or cancelled. People’s intuition and gut feelings are providing information which results in energy-based feelings.  As this intuitive information comes to them, as Transcendence occurs, people can feel the conflict of change, evolution, or transformation.

From this there are 2 results:

  • People may not realize that the conflict, uneasiness, or stress within is being caused by energy-based information like intuition and gut feelings not aligning or opposing information, data, or what they are receiving from others or what others want them to believe
  • A Transformational Leader can lose TRUST of their people if the people’s energy-based information does not align or support what they believe to be the intent or purpose of the adoption or transformation.

As people evolve to think and do at a higher level of consciousness and intelligence, “trust” as a leader is going to be earned and amplified by how well what a leader is saying, doing, and how they are evolving aligns to what their intuition and gut feelings are telling them. Welcome to the next generation of Transformational Leaders, what TYIIR Institute, LLC calls “Intuitive Transformational Leaders”.

Still scratching your head about all of this? That is ok. Reach out, explore, and do your own research. We will be here and ready to help you, your, team and your organization learn, understand, define, and implement the best transformation plan for your situation — helping you morph your roles as change agent and well-being agent.

Looking forward to the conversation 😊

If you are interested in continuing the conversation, would like some help or assistance, please reach out to me or one of my teammates at Intelligence Catalyst. To schedule some time, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form, or visit my bio page under Meet The Team and “book a call with John”.  Thank you for your time, hope this was helpful, and look forward to hearing from you.