What does CEO stand for? You’re likely thinking “Chief Executive Officer” of course, but a more relevant description of the acronym for today’s organizations would be “Chief Energy Officer.” In John Ruppel’s book, KIS (Keep Intuition Simple) he introduces this concept on page 209, under the section titled “What is a CEO or the Leader of an organization?”

A company’s chief executive is responsible for the direction, fiscal performance, and long-term viability. It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider such a role to be critical for harnessing the energy, mindset, and capabilities of an organization. An operational (from the military) strategy of working to win the Hearts and Minds is a common approach used by leaders focused on overcoming resistance and gaining people’s belief and support. In fact, building and leading a company’s culture, unity, and reason for being beyond financial reward is an important part of the very origin of the word corporation: from the Latin, corporare, which means to combine into a single body.

Recent breakthroughs in Quantum Science indicate energy plays a greater role than once thought, particularly connected energy. A person’s heart or mind can be the most energetic parts of the body and have both an individual and connected energy-based consciousness.  An article by Dr. Joe Dispenza titled “The Heart and the Brain Tango” provides insight on this topic.  More articles and information can be found by simply googling “Heart and Brain Consciousness.”

Looking at the disruption going on all around us, technology and software continue as considerable disrupters, and data (particularly data amplified by Artificial Intelligence) is poised to be even more jarring. But perhaps the greatest disrupter of all will be our evolution in consciousness (our intelligence).

The affects and impacts of technology and software have largely remained an external disruption to our consciousness. Yes, technology drives a great portion of our lives and livelihoods these days — even our interactions with our physical environment, but it has remained, by-and large, external to us as individuals. We’ve always had (or, at least, thought we had) an off button.

The evolution in consciousness and intelligence going on right now whether we realize it or not, is going to impact every one of us.

Advancing technology combined with data, our own intuition, gut feelings, intent/agenda in our mind and the heartfelt emotions within our heart will elevate and evolve us to a whole new level of thinking and doing —something new for everyone. We are on our way to a whole new level of harnessing knowledge, wisdom, and innovation — accessing and achieving our potential in ways we have never experienced before.

Combine this understanding with the notion of corporare: that organizations are created by people coming together, where individuals are the most important resources of the organization, and you can envision an accumulation of energy — including what is in people’s hearts and minds — of the largest and most powerful resource of all.

Intelligence Catalyst not only understands this but is working with world leading organizations and like-minded leaders around the world so we can best support and serve you in your evolution . Today we call the merging of technology, development, and operations into one as a Digital Transformation. In the not-too-distant future, organizational transformations will be more energy-based, as technology, data, knowledge, and human experience come together to evolve our thinking and doing at a higher level of consciousness/intelligence.

What is your understanding of intelligence?

Are you and your organization ready for an intelligence evolution?

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