Key Takeaways:

  • How customers think about getting the real time services they need, like a laser, to that point in the organization “where” need it “when” they need it
  • We are really just returning to something that I think is native to how we are wired in terms of I have a problem… i need assistance right now… I need a house call
  • Organizational Awareness is something we specialize in
  • Transformations are about how does everything all fit together, do you have an Organizational Architecture? Your organization’s history, culture, and “tolerance for change”… if you are not aware or not paying attention… you are missing out on what makes an organization successful
  • Some of the fear of is this transformation going to be successful is the leader does not want to spend an enormous amount of money and a huge budget line item to take a risk to do the change and have it fail
  • Our approach allows us to custom tailor at the individual level… like having a unique learning track

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