Key Takeaways:

  • Characterize disruptions
  • Killing the ability to innovate
  • Identify & Invest in bottlenecks
  • Cultural Debt
  • Transforming a technophobe
  • Magic = Listening & Learning


Continuing the discussion between Mike McTaggart and Dr. Ken Russell, founding partners of Intelligence Catalyst, on “what” and “how” we (Intelligence Catalyst) are helping our client’s leaders approach, think, and execute on today’s critical topics to succeed in today’s VUCCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Conflictive, Ambiguous).

Mike and Ken take us on a journey into the minds of an executive leader thinking or approaching today’s challenges from a perspective which provides further insight… going beyond the norm, in order to enable us to see things differently. Our Intelligence Catalyst’s immersive and experiential approach is invaluable for our clients and fellow leaders who are stuck in the day to day, bogged down by the traditional ways of consulting, training, facilitating, coaching, and mentoring.

Whether you and your organization are taking on an Agile, DevOps or DevSecOps Adoption or Digital Transformation, Intelligence Catalyst provides a unique, direct, pragmatic approach to these very complex, highly visible, disruptive, and at times politically charged cataclysmic series of change events. We work with you, providing what you and your team mates need as we progression through the series or cycles of change evolutions so that you and your organization can succeed.

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